Cardiff University

ITAB Lighting design and manufacture bespoke LED lighting solution for Cardiff University lecture theatres.

ITAB Lighting has designed and manufactured a bespoke LED lighting solution for nine existing lecture theatres on the Cathays and Heath campuses at Cardiff University.

The challenging brief called for a single solution to be installed across a varied range of rooms, from large tiered 500 capacity halls to smaller rooms of loosely distributed round tables. The Client had identified a number of failings in previous schemes including veiling reflections in projector and TV screens, as well as glare on stage which prevented the lecturers from seeing the students clearly.

The solution was based on ITAB Lighting’s L8 LED lighting system, which was customised by adding anti-glare shields to both sides. This overcame the lack of suitable saw tooth ceilings to hide the luminaire’s high luminance surfaces from line of sight. This was further enhanced by finishing the inside surfaces of the shields in matt black. The flexibility of L8 allows it to be installed in surface, recessed and suspended configurations to accommodate the differing room ceiling types.

To ensure architectural co-ordination the luminaires were positioned at uniform spacing, with each one being DALI controlled and dimmed during commissioning to provide the corrected illuminance at the working plane. Luminaires were positioned to ensure a good cross-over of the output from one luminaire to the next, ensuring multiple-sources illuminated each working plane reducing shadowing.

Each installation is fully controllable to give the lecturer soft touch screen, pre-programmed lighting modes, with the ability to dim or brighten the luminaires depending upon individual requirements.

Finally emergency lighting was incorporated within the luminaires utilising DALI EmPro drivers controlled by the LIGO control system, providing emergency self-test and central monitoring.

Electrical Engineers for the project were Houghton Greenlees & Associates of Clevedon, Somerset. Installation was carried out in two phases by Evans Electrical and Lorne Stewart of Cardiff.